I have done very few nudes in my career because I’ve found it extremely difficult to do well.   Also, because I’m well aware of people having issues with in general.  However, now that I have a fairly functional studio space and winter is coming, I would like to return to it and experiment some more.

Even though I have this page registered with WordPress as containing Adult Content so that it doesn’t show up in searches, the main page of this blog will never feature nude work (unless I make a posting mistake).  I don’t feel nudity is something to be ashamed of, but I want to respect as many people as possible as so am making it a bit difficult to accidentally stumble on the evil naked bodies I’ve photographed.

Here are my current nudes, or images that contain fully visable front nudey bits.   I will add to this page over time.

One response to “Nudes

  1. Great work! I hope to see more new and old work. I especially like the black and whites. The Julia and Carmen photos caught my eye right away and the pond photo is unreal.

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