Leyquin and Shawnna

I know I’ve spelled her name wrong, but because I don’t know the correct spelling I also can’t find her on Facebook even though I’m sure we’re friends!  So once I find that info I will correct it.  Also, due to technical issues during shooting it is possible that a couple of these images were actually shot by Dave Paduch.  My apologies if credit is incorrect!

At any rate, here are my favourite images from this 2011 session done for the 2012 Bear Babes calendar!  A great thing about shooting in Canada is that you can find beautiful locations like this and yet have a highway only 30-40 feet behind me!

Bear Babes – June 18th Finals for the 2015 Competition

For the past two Wednesdays and several random days over the last couple of months, there has been a search underway for the Alberta girls who will grace the pages of the 2015 Bear Babes calendar.  Tonight, Wednesday June 18th, the top 32 girls will compete to be one of the 16 girls who will get photo sessions done in preparation for the  Bear radio station’s final online voting round.

I don’t have copies of all the photos that have been made along the way, but here is a selection of girls who I would be happy to have in the calendar.  I don’t personally take part in any judging because I like to be surprised by the final choices as well!

So tell me who you think should or should not make it into the 2015 Bear Babes Calendar?

Bear Babe Sasha – Exculsive Images

Every year there is a search for the girls to be featured in the next calendar.  Dozens of hopefuls show up for a competition that takes place three nights in roughly May or April.   From that competition approximately 16 girls a re chosen to move on to having their their photos done for the calendar!  Sadly, there’s only so many spots available.

We did Sasha’s session in a back alley in downtown Edmonton and I gotta tell you, she rocked it!!!  She may not be in the calendar on your wall, but you can put these as wallpaper on your computer!