Latoya on the Spot

Last Wednesday we had a GORGEOUS spring day!  97% of all our snow was melted away and we didn’t need our parkas to walk around outside.  It was fantastic and I was soooo excited to get a pile of shooting done in the coming days and summer season.

Then Thursday we awoke to so much winter it was almost like Wednesday never happened.  Nice big snow flakes were falling and there was snow everywhere!  I was bummed out.

But then Latoya messaged me super stoked and excited for the fresh snow fall and want to get out make photos ASAP!  Of course we both have the day jobs so we planned to get together after work and have a short session to make a few ideas she had in mind come to life.  But the end of the day the snow had stopped falling and sun was out again.  It was still cold, the main idea we were going to shoot wasn’t going to happen (it needed snow fall), but we figured what the heck!  We’ll go shoot anyways.

And I’m glad we did!  Here’s a teaser of what we shot!  I will post more once I get more edits done (still working through the backlog as well!) and once I have approval from Latoya to post the various images I might edit.



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