Bear Babe Taryn – Exclusive UnPublished Extras

This is actually Taryn’s second appearance in the Bear Babes Calendar but is only the first time I’ve had a chance to work with her.  And what a treat!  She’s a very professional model, very helpful in deciding on poses and had some great ideas of her own such as the shot below where she throws poker chips at the camera!  See more of Taryn in the 2014 Bear Babes Calendar!

Bear Babe Sasha – Exculsive Images

Every year there is a search for the girls to be featured in the next calendar.  Dozens of hopefuls show up for a competition that takes place three nights in roughly May or April.   From that competition approximately 16 girls a re chosen to move on to having their their photos done for the calendar!  Sadly, there’s only so many spots available.

We did Sasha’s session in a back alley in downtown Edmonton and I gotta tell you, she rocked it!!!  She may not be in the calendar on your wall, but you can put these as wallpaper on your computer!

Bear Babe Galina – Exclusive UnPublished Extras

I was only going to post 3 images of each of the girls I photographed for the Bear Babes calendar this year, but this one image of Galina just begged me to try it in Black and White!  So here are 4 images you won’t see in the 2014 calendar!

Bear Babe Bonnie – Exclusive UnPublished Extras

As one of the photographers for the Bear radio station sponsored Bear Babes calendars I end up with often HUNDREDS of extra photos that are not used in the calendars.   For the next few weeks, I’m going to publish photos that were never used in the pages of the calendars.

Today we start with 2014 Bear Babe Bonnie!  We photographed her at Castrol Raceway with the Reaper team!  You’ll be able to see more of Bonnie at various events throughout 2014 and of course in the calendar itself.   The calendar will be available at Macs stores around Edmonton and area on November 1st!  Here are 3 exclusive images from Bonnie’s photo session!